PPA-ME04-002236-1 - Task Specification (TS)

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The Task Specification (TS) specifies one or more work tasks to be performed by a service
provider, including an organisational entity internal to an organization. The TS may specify
the methods to be used to ensure that these tasks have been performed to the specified
standard. Reference herein to a “service provider” should be interpreted to include reference
to any entity tasked with providing a service.

The TS may be used in the acquisition of a service alone, or a system and associated services
such as installation and testing. The TS specifies the deliverable services. It does not specify
the system - this is specified in a System Specification which may be invoked by the TS. It
does not specify any data deliverables - these are specified in a Contract Data Requirements
List (CDRL) or equivalent which may be invoked by the TS, and by associated Data Item
Descriptions (DIDs) or equivalent which are invoked by the CDRL. The TS may specify
services “internal” to the contract or project in order to control, fothe way in which the tasks are performed by the service provider.

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