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Keywords Data Item Description (DID) defense defense standards DoD military standard standard United States of America (USA)
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[DRAFT] - Interface Requirements Specification (IRS) [as PDF scan] TBD 1994-05-27 285.16 KB   DOWNLOAD!
[DRAFT] - Operational Concept Description (OCD) [as PDF scan] TBD 1994-05-27 266.85 KB   DOWNLOAD!
[DRAFT] - Software Requirements Specification (SRS) [as PDF scan] TBD 1994-05-27 459.98 KB   DOWNLOAD!
[DRAFT] - Software User's Manual (SUM) TBD 1994-05-27 277.04 KB   DOWNLOAD!
[DRAFT] - System/Subsystem Specification (SSS) [as PDF scan] TBD 1992-12-22 538.54 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DA-A-5613 - PERT/TIME NETWORK DIAGRAM DA-A-5613 1985-06-10 205.92 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-CMAN-490OXXX - Material Specification (MS) DI-CMAN-490OXXX 1991 79.69 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-CMAN-80008A - System/Segment Specification DI-CMAN-80008A 1988-02-29 391.11 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-CMAN-80405 - Configuration Management Plan (CMP) DI-CMAN-80405 1987-08-06 376.42 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-CMAN-80534 - System/Segment Design Document (SSDD) DI-CMAN-80534 1988-02-29 340.06 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-E-2035B - Configuration Management Plan (CMP) DI-E-2035B 1983-10-22 174.46 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-E-5550 - System/System Segment Interface Control Document DI-E-5550 1981-01-19 164.22 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-E-7144 DI-E-7144 UNKNOWN none
DI-H-7051 - Human Engineering Program Plan (HEPP) DI-H-7051 1979-06-01 163.31 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-H-7051 - Human Engineering Program Plan (HEPP) DI-H-7051 1979-06-01 55.5 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-H-7052 - Human Engineering Dynamic Simulation Plan (HEDSP) DI-H-7052 1979-06-01 77.41 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-H-7053 - Human Engineering Test Plan (HETP) DI-H-7053 1979-06-01 130.19 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-H-7054 - Human Engineering System Analysis Report (HESAR) DI-H-7054 1979-06-01 132.19 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-H-7055 - Critical Task Analysis Report DI-H-7055 UNKNOWN none
DI-H-7058 - Human Engineering Test Report (HETR) DI-H-7058 1979-06-01 166.48 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-H-7059 - Human Engineering Progress Report DI-H-7059 UNKNOWN none
DI-ILSS-80095 - Integrated Logistics Support Plan (ILSP) DI-ILSS-80095 1985-12-17 883.58 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-ILSS-80395 - Integrated Support Plan (ISP) DI-ILSS-80395 1987-08-03 454.04 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-ILSS-80531 DI-ILSS-80531 UNKNOWN none
DI-IPSC-80689 DI-IPSC-80689 UNKNOWN none
DI-IPSC-80690 DI-IPSC-80690 UNKNOWN none
DI-IPSC-80694 DI-IPSC-80694 UNKNOWN none
DI-IPSC-81430 - Operational Concept Description (OCD) [as PDF scan] DI-IPSC-81430 1994-12-05 254.77 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-IPSC-81431 - System/Subsystem Specification (SSS) [as PDF scan] DI-IPSC-81431 1994-12-05 469.17 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-IPSC-81431A - System/Subsystem Specification (SSS) [as PDF scan] DI-IPSC-81431A 2000-01-10 652.83 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-IPSC-81433 - Software Requirements Specification (SRS) [as PDF scan] DI-IPSC-81433 1994-12-05 439.81 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-IPSC-81434 - Interface Requirements Specification (IRS) [as PDF scan] DI-IPSC-81434 1994-12-05 273.13 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-IPSC-81434A - Interface Requirements Specification (IRS) DI-IPSC-81434A UNKNOWN none
DI-IPSC-81436 - Interface Design Description (IDD) [as PDF scan] DI-IPSC-81436 1994-12-05 221.8 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-L-30325 DI-L-30325 UNKNOWN none
DI-L-4610 - Report, Level of Repair Analysis Input Data DI-L-4610 1984-11-05 603.44 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-L-6138 DI-L-6138 UNKNOWN none
DI-MCCR-80019A - Software User's Manual (SUM) DI-MCCR-80019A 1986-03-01 95.79 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-MCCR-80025A - Software Requirements Specification (SRS) DI-MCCR-80025A 1983-03-01 323.23 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-MCCR-80026 DI-MCCR-80026 1985-06-04 none
DI-MCCR-80026A - Interface Requirements Specification (IRS) DI-MCCR-80026A 1988-02-29 169.63 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-MCCR-80027A - Interface Design Description (IDD) DI-MCCR-80027A UNKNOWN none
DI-MCCR-80303 DI-MCCR-80303 UNKNOWN none
DI-MCCR-80313 DI-MCCR-80313 UNKNOWN none
DI-MCCR-80314 DI-MCCR-80314 UNKNOWN none
DI-MCCR-80315 DI-MCCR-80315 UNKNOWN none
DI-MGMT-81024 - Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) DI-MGMT-81024 1990-08-27 267.12 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-MISC-80526 - Parts Control Program Plan (PCPP) DI-MISC-80526 1988-02-03 95.69 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-NDTI-80566 - Test Plan DI-NDTI-80566 1988-04-13 237.16 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-QCIC-80510 - Installation Specification DI-QCIC-80510 1988-01-21 212.25 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-QCIC-80511 - Installation Test DI-QCIC-80511 UNKNOWN none
DI-QCIC-80553 - Acceptance Test Plan DI-QCIC-80553 1988-03-25 109.59 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-R-1724 - Quality Inspection Test, Demonstration and Evaluation Report DI-R-1724 UNKNOWN none
DI-R-1772-CAVR - Configuration Audit Validation Report DI-R-1772-CAVR 1985-06-10 215.37 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-R-21597 - Failure Reporting, Analysis, and Corrective Action System (FRACAS) Plan DI-R-21597 1985-07-01 753.57 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-R-3549A - Repair Level Analysis Reports (RLA) DI-R-3549A 1982-12-02 141.94 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-R-7079 - Reliability Program Plan UNKNOWN none
DI-S-30551A UNKNOWN none
DI-S-30551B - System/Subsystem Specification (SS) DI-S-30551B 1984-11-23 127.28 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-S-3404-FBD - Functional Flow Diagram DI-S-3404-FBD 1971-11-01 126.59 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-S-3561B DI-S-3561B UNKNOWN none
DI-S-3604 DI-S-3604 UNKNOWN none
DI-S-3605 DI-S-3605 UNKNOWN none
DI-S-3606 DI-S-3606 UNKNOWN none
DI-S-3607 DI-S-3607 UNKNOWN none
DI-S-3608 DI-S-3608 UNKNOWN none
DI-S-3618/S-152 - System Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) DI-S-3618/S-152 1970-02-09 120.07 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-S-6173 DI-S-6173 UNKNOWN none
DI-S-6174B - Facilities Design Criteria DI-S-6174B 1977-05-31 94.84 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-S-6175 UNKNOWN none
DI-SAFT-80100 - System Safety Program Plan (SSPP) DI-SAFT-80100 1986-01-20 147.65 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-SAFT-80101B DI-SAFT-80101B UNKNOWN none
DI-SAFT-80102B DI-SAFT-80102B UNKNOWN none
DI-SAFT-80103B DI-SAFT-80103B UNKNOWN none
DI-SAFT-80104B DI-SAFT-80103B UNKNOWN none
DI-SAFT-80105B DI-SAFT-80105B UNKNOWN none
DI-SAFT-80106B DI-SAFT-80106B UNKNOWN none
DI-SAFT-80XXX - System Safety Program Report (SSPR) DI-SAFT-80XXX UNKNOWN 13 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-SAFT-81299A DI-SAFT-81299A UNKNOWN none
DI-T-5147 DI-T-5147 UNKNOWN none
DID- Certificate of Mobile Depot Maintenance DI-MGMT-80855 1989-06-13 236.45 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DID- Communications Security (COMSEC) Anonymity Plan DI-MGMT-81717B 2007-02-05 232.41 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DID- Contractor's Standard Operating Procedures DI-MGMT-81580 1999-08-09 224.23 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DID- DoD Architecture Framework Documentation MI-MGMT-81644 2004-03-22 226.5 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DID- Equipment Inspection and Testing Report DI-NDTI-81583A 2006-11-21 224.57 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DID- Implementation Plan DI-MGMT-81737 2007-02-15 238.5 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DID- Project Planning Chart DI- MGMT- 80507B 2006-11-14 231.07 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DID- Randomizer Test Report DI-NDTI-80884A 2008-01-30 225.58 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DID- Status Report DI-MGMT-80368A 2006-10-30 234.23 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DID- Vibration Survey Report DI-NDTI-815587A 2006-11-12 226.19 KB   DOWNLOAD!
UDI-E-20235 - Specification Tree UDI-E-20235 1972-06-27 36.59 KB   DOWNLOAD!
UDI-E-23974 - Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) UDI-E-23974 1972-11-10 38.53 KB   DOWNLOAD!
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