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3.1 Summary. The summary shall include a brief statement of the overall project status, covering the accomplished technical activities and development, objectives of efforts, summary results of efforts, identification of major problems/deficiencies with impact, and recommended solutions.

3.2 Body of report. The Status Report shall contain the following items, where applicable:

3.2.1 Milestone/task status. The status of each milestone/task as defined by the statement of work or contract, as applicable:

a. A statement as to whether or not the program/project/task is on schedule; if not, the effort planned to meet the schedule shall be indicated. Include an overall status of each milestone, task, or unit of work. Include update schedule sheets, milestone charts, or task synopsis sheets identifying phase of task and percentage of completion of each task, technical instruction, or order.

b. A comparison of achieved end-product performance capabilities projected against contract baseline values, requirements, or allocations.

c. Effort expended on each task to date, and a brief description of technical developments and accomplishments.

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The Status Report documents the status of contractor effort towards achieving contract objectives. It identifies accomplishments to date and difficulties encountered, and compare the status achieved to planned goals and the resources expended. It is used by the Government to monitor and evaluate contractor performance.

This Data Item Description (DID) contains format and content preparation instructions for the data product generated by the specific and discrete task requirement as delineated in the contract. It is not intended that all requirements herein should be applied to every program. Portions of the DID are subject to tailoring by deletion depending on the specific status reporting requirements of the project.

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