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Subject: Online Graduate SE Courses
Date: 10/12/02 8:11 AM
Received: 10/12/02 9:24 AM
From: Mark A. Powell,
Online Graduate SE Courses The University of Idaho at Idaho Falls is currently offering online two graduate level courses that may be of interest to you. These courses contribute to fulfillment of the requirements for the UIIF Masters of Engineering in Systems Engineering, and may be suitable for continuing education for your employees in systems engineering, the traditional engineering disciplines, or project management. The first of these online courses is SysE 504, ST: Applied Statistical Decision Theory I, Decision Analysis, Utility Theory, and Introductory Bayesian Theory. This course presents decision analysis and theory in a form that is particularly applicable to the engineering disciplines, and especially to the Systems Engineering discipline. Several institutions offer similar traditional courses in the College of Business or in Industrial Engineering, but with less of the engineering application slant. The second online course is SysE 504, ST: Applied Statistical Decision Theory II, Advanced Bayesian Analysis and Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods. This course provides an engineering approach to applications of state of the art methods to enable complex engineering decision solutions. Many of the problems discussed in this course have proven untenable using classical methods, and the objective of this course is to enable graduate engineers to solve such untenable problems. Cost for these courses is only $837 US per course. More detailed information about these courses is available at These courses are currently underway in an asynchronous, self-paced mode, and registration for the Spring 2003 semester is open. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me at Mark A. Powell Systems Engineering University of Idaho at Idaho Falls 208-282-7936

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