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You can flexibly search the names and identifiers over over 4.5GB of mainly systems engineering-related documents - for example handbooks, guides, papers and standards. SEG account holders can download these documents. The scope of the search also includes records of key systems engineering documents such as some standards and handbooks that cannot be provided for download for reasons of IP status.
Document identifier Type Title Date Author(s) Size
AS4817-2019 conference presentation   Earned Value in Project and Programme Management 2019-08-20 Kym Henderson 1.85 MB
conference presentation   A Model for Organizational Project Management and its Validation 2019-08 837.68 KB
conference presentation   Controlling Agile 2019-08 1.57 MB
conference presentation   Earned Value Management in CASG 2019-08 474.04 KB
conference presentation   Earned Value Management in Defence 2019-08 Andrew Goodwin 1.09 MB
technical white paper   Evaluating ARCADIA/Capella vs. OOSEM/SysML for System Architecture Development 2019-08 44.64 MB
conference presentation   SCRAM Presentation Schedule Compliance Risk Assessment Methodology 2019-08 Shari Soutberg 2.02 MB
presentation   Integrating Systems Engineering (SE) and Program Performance Management (PPM) to create 2019-06-20 2.22 MB
PPI-006099-4   Biography: Michael Gainford 2019-05-08 238.37 KB
PPI-007198-3   Biography: Randall Iliff 2019-05-08 652.99 KB