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You can flexibly search the names and identifiers over over 4.5GB of mainly systems engineering-related documents - for example handbooks, guides, papers and standards. SEG account holders can download these documents. The scope of the search also includes records of key systems engineering documents such as some standards and handbooks that cannot be provided for download for reasons of IP status.
Document identifier Type Title Date Author(s) Size
NASA/TP–20205003644   Engineering Elegant Systems: Theory of Systems Engineering 2020-06-01 B.L. Mesmer and P.A. Farrington and M.D. Watson 6.25 MB
SERC-2020-SR-001   Benchmarking the Benefits and Current Maturity of Model-Based Systems Engineering across the Enterprise 2020-03-19 5.5 MB
ad/2020-01-03 Data Item Description (DID)   Part 3 – Application Programming Interface and Services 2020-03-01 449.57 KB
conference presentation   Loss Driven SE Initiative 2020-01-25 1011.69 KB
  Loss-Driven SE Initiative 2020-01-25 1011.69 KB
handbook   Smart Cities Initiative 2020-01-25 1.12 MB
ad/2020-01-01 Data Item Description (DID)   OMG Systems Modeling Language 2020-01-01 1.31 MB
OTR-2020-00280 conference presentation   Leading Transformation of Model-Based Engineering: The Model-Based Capability Matrix 2020 AI Honeb, Joe Hale 1.54 MB
ad/2020-01-02 Data Item Description (DID)   Part 2 – System-Specific Metamodel and Libraries 2020 524.13 KB