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Status Type Sort descending Title Defining document(s) External resource
standard BS EN ISO 9000:2000
extant/interim standard Def Stan 00-49: "MOD Guide to R&M Terminology Used in Requirements"
standard MIL-STD-1295A - Human Factors Engineering Design Criteria for Helicopter Cockpit Electro-Optical Display Symbology
standard MIL-STD-1521B (USAF) - Technical Reviews and Audits for Systems, Equipment, and Computer Programs
standard MIL-STD-2549 - Configuration Management Data Interface
standard MIL-STD-680
standard MIL-STD-962C - Department of Defense Standard Practice - Defense Standards and Handbooks
standard IEEE Std 1058 - IEEE Standard for Software Project Management Plans
withdrawn standard IEEE Std 990 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Ada as a Program Design Language
standard [DUPLICATE] Standard: MIL-STD-2168 - Defense System Software Quality Program
standard ISO 10005 Guidelines for Quality Assurance Plans.
cancelled standard Def Stan 00-54: "Requirements for Safety Related Electronic Hardware in Defence Equipment"
standard MIL-STD-1388
replaced standard MIL-STD-1528 (USAF)
replaced standard MIL-STD-461B - Electromagnetic Emission and Susceptibility Requirements for the Control of Electromagnetic Interference
standard MIL-STD-781D
replaced standard MIL-STD-963A
standard IEEE Std 1061 - IEEE Standard for a Software Quality Metrics Methodology
standard J-Std-016 - Standard for Information Technology - Software Life Cycle Processes - Software Development - Acquirer-Supplier Agreement (Issued for Trial Use)
standard A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide)
active standard Unified Modeling Language (UML)
standard ISO 15288
obsolescent standard Def Stan 00-55: "Requirements for Safety Related Software in Defence Systems"
standard MIL-STD-1388-1 - Logistic Support Analysis
standard MIL-STD-1528A (USAF) - Manufacturing Management Program
standard MIL-STD-461C - Electromagnetic Emission and Susceptibility Requirements for the Control of Electromagnetic Interference
standard MIL-STD-785 - Reliability Program for Systems and Equipment Development and Production
standard MIL-STD-963B - Department of Defense Standard Practice - Data Item Descriptions (DIDs)
standard IEEE Std 1063 - IEEE Standard for Software User Documentation
standard IEEE 1498 / EIA 640 (working draft of J-STD-016)
standard Systems Modeling Language (SysML)
standard ISO 8402 Quality Management and Quality Assurance - Quality Vocabulary
standard Def Stan 00-56: "Safety Management Requirements for Defence Systems"
standard MIL-STD-1388-1A - Logistics Support Analysis
standard MIL-STD-1546A
standard MIL-STD-461D - Requirements for the Control of Electromagnetic Interference Emissions and Susceptibility
standard MIL-STD-847A
standard MIL-STD-965
standard IEEE Std 1074 - IEEE Standard for Developing a Software Project Life Cycle Process
standard ISO/IEC 15504
standard IDEF9 Business Constraint Discovery
standard ISO 9000
extant/interim standard Def Stan 00-60: "Integrated Logistic Support"
standard MIL-STD-1388-1B
standard MIL-STD-1574A
replaced standard MIL-STD-462
replaced standard MIL-STD-881 - Work Breakdown Structures for Defense Materiel Items
standard MIL-STD-965A - Parts Control Program
withdrawn standard IEEE Std 1209-1992 - IEEE Recommended Practice for the Evaluation and Selection of CASE Tools [Draft]
standard ISO/IEC 15939 - Software Measurement Process
standard MIL-STD-498 - Software development and documentation
standard ISO 9001
cancelled standard Def Stan 02-8: "Guide for the Preparation of Statements of Technical Requirements for the Development of Systems and Equipment"
standard MIL-STD-1388-2A
replaced standard MIL-STD-1785
standard MIL-STD-462D - Department of Defense Test Method Standard for Measurement of Electromagnetic Interference Characteristics
replaced standard MIL-STD-881A - Work Breakdown Structures for Defense Materiel Items
standard MIL-STD-973 - Configuration Management
replaced standard IEEE Std 1219 - IEEE Standard for Software Maintenance
standard NASA-STD-2100-91 Software Documentation
standard EIA/IS-731: Systems Engineering Capability Model
standard ANSI/EIA-632 - Processes for Engineering a System
standard ISO/IEC 20926 - Software engineering -- IFPUG 4.1 Unadjusted functional size measurement method -- Counting practices manual
cancelled standard Def Stan 05-28: "NATO Guide to the Preparation of Specifications for the Procurement of Defence Materiel"
standard MIL-STD-1785A - Program Protection/System Security Engineering Management
replaced standard MIL-STD-470A - Maintainability Program for Systems and Equipment
standard MIL-STD-881B
standard IEEE Std 1298 - Software Quality Management System. Part 1: Requirements. Adopted From Standards Australia
standard Model Driven Architecture (MDA)
standard MIL-STD-499B - Systems Engineering
standard EIA-649 Configuration Management
standard STEP (ISO 10303)
standard Def Stan 05-57: "Configuration Management of Defence Materiel"
standard MIL-STD-1390B (NAVY) Marine Corps Level of Repair System Users Manual, MCLORIA (Marine Corps)
standard MIL-STD-1794 Human Factors Engineering Program for Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Systems
standard MIL-STD-470B - Maintainability Program for Systems and Equipment
standard MIL-STD-882 "System Safety Program Requirements"/"Standard Practice for System Safety"
standard IEEE Std 14764-2006 - Software Engineering & Software Life Cycle Processes & Maintenance
standard OMG: Unified Profile for DODAF/MODAF (UPDM)
standard ISO/IEC 12207 - Software Lifecycle Processes
standard EIA/IS 632 - Systems Engineering
cancelled standard Def Stan 00-17: "Modular Approach to Software Construction, Operation and Test - MASCOT"
standard Def Stan 05-61: "Quality Assurance Procedural Requirements"
standard MIL-STD-1390D - Level of Repair Analysis (LORA)
standard MIL-STD-1908 Definitions of Human Factors Terms
standard MIL-STD-480 - Configuration Control - Engineering Changes, Deviations, and Waivers
standard MIL-STD-882A
standard AS 3563 - Software Quality Management System
active standard IEEE Std 610 - IEEE Standard Glossary of Software Engineering Terminology
standard IEEE493
standard Specification: MIL-S-83490 - Specifications, Types and Forms
replaced standard IEEE 1220 - IEEE Trial-Use Standard for Application and Management of the Systems Engineering Process
cancelled standard Def Stan 00-25: "Human Factors for Designers of Equipment": Pts 15-21 & 25
obsolescent standard Def Stan 05-91: "Quality System Requirements for Design/Development, Production, Installation and Servicing"
standard MIL-STD-1456
standard MIL-STD-2155(AS) - Failure Reporting, Analysis, and Corrective Action System (FRACAS)
standard MIL-STD-483 (USAF) - Configuration Management Practices For Systems