Example SOW (for Buoy User Training)

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This Statement of Work (SOW) is a requirements specification for the delivery of User Training in relation to an Emergency Communications Buoy (ECB), hereinafter referred to as “the Buoy”, to be acquired by the Royal Botswan Navy (RBN).
The User Training relates to two variants of the Buoy:
a. Type A Buoy RF Buoy only; and
b. Type B Buoy RF Buoy with Strobe Light.
Unless otherwise stated, all requirements in 4 “REQUIREMENTS” relate the User Training to both the Type A Buoy and the Type B Buoy, therein referred to as “the Buoy”. Where a distinction applies, the terms “Type A Buoy” and “Type B Buoy” are used, as applicable.
The SOW does not specify requirements on any data deliverables - these are specified separately in a Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) and by associated Data Item Descriptions (DIDs) which are invoked by the CDRL. However, data deliverables to be created by the work tasks specified herein are referred to in this SOW.

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