Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP)

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WBS 2.2.2: Select the System Integrator – The Technical Assistance contractor will assist in responding to questions from proposers, review submitted proposals and provide comments, help address specific issues raised by a proposal, help prepare requests for clarification from proposers if appropriate, help prepare questions during interviews, participate in interviews if appropriate, and help evaluate further information provided during interviews. Based on the proposals and interviews, the stakeholders will select a System Integrator to implement the STARNET system.

WBS 2.2.3: Negotiate a Contract with the System Integrator – Based on contract terms in the request for proposals, and the successful proposal, SACOG will negotiate a contract with the selected System Integrator.

WBS 2.3: Oversee the System Integrator Contract – SACOG will provide contract management and oversight of the System Integrator contract. Stakeholders will assist by reviewing the contractor’s deliverables. The Technical Assistance contractor will also assist particularly with technical oversight including review of submittals; monitoring the STARNET detailed design, field installation, and acceptance testing; helping prepare responses to questions from the contractor; providing updates to specific management plans and documents as the implementation progresses; and helping with risk management.

WBS 2.4: Identify Detailed Requirements – Based on the Concept of Operations, and System Requirements the System Integrator will develop detailed requirements for the STARNET system. These will be reviewed by the stakeholders and the Technical Assistance contractor.

WBS 2.5: Prepare the Detailed Design – Based on the detailed requirements and the High Level Design, the System Integrator will prepare the detailed design. This will be reviewed by the stakeholders and the Technical Assistance contractor.

WBS 3: Deploy the Initial STARNET System – This high level task involves building, testing, documenting, and validating the initial system, and providing training for agency personnel. The Technical Assistance contractor and stakeholders will monitor the system implementation and verification (testing) by the System Integrator.

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The Sacramento Transportation Area Network, or STARNET, is an information exchange network that will be used by the operators of transportation facilities and emergency responders in the Sacramento region of California. It will enable the real-time sharing of data and live video pertaining to the operation of roadways and public transit, thereby assisting operations personnel in the coordination of their activities and in providing the public with comprehensive information about current travel conditions and options.

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