PPI-005603-2 Example SSRC OSD (SSRC)

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The SSRC is divided into the following main segments:
a) Satellite Segment responsible for the detection and location of transmissions from an Emergency Communications Buoy (ECB) as well as the distribution of the alert and location data to a Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC);
b) Submarine Command Segment consisting of the Submarine Operations Command, the Submarine Safety Agency and the Rescue Coordination Centre;
c) Rescue Segment consisting of all the rescue execution elements;
d) Submarine Segment including the distressed submarine and the ECB; and
e) SAR Maintenance Infrastructure responsible for the in-use maintenance of the SSRC capability (and also after use).
This OSD contains TBDs (To Be Determined) in many places where the effort necessary to speculate on the full detail cannot be justified. In using this document, the user is advised to proceed on the basis that the information reflected as “TBD” is readily available for the asking.

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