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MIL–STD–482A - Configuration Status Accounting Data Elements and Related Features

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4.1 Required status-accounting information shall be expressed in terms of standard data elements and related features. Substitutes, alternatives, or variations are not permitted; however, additional data elements, data chains, and related features may be added as required, subject to the conditions contained in paragraphs 1.2 and 1.3 of this standard.
4.2 The procuring activity or managing organization will determine which specific status-accounting information is required, including the format and frequency of the status-accounting reports.
4.2.1 The procuring activity shall specify the desired configuration status-accounting information, including data elements, data chains, and their related features, the format(s), and frequency of reports.
4.2.2 The procuring activity may specify that report content and format are negotiable and solicit alternative proposals. When alternative proposals are solicited, the procuring activity shall instruct the offerors to propose a cost-effective system that fulfills the specific program requirements.
4.2.3 The configuration status-accounting requirement that results from the’ actions of 4.2.1 and 4.2.2 shall be specifically stated in the contract or order and must be listed on the DD Form 1423. Any other configuration data ordered under contract must be specified on DD Form 1423. Therefore, any configuration status accounting listing or product that is deliverable to the Government must be as specified on the DD Form 1423, with appropriate references to standard specifications or other data source.

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1.1 This standard establishes the data elements, and their related data items, codes, use identifiers, and data chains (referred to as “related features”) to be used as the content of configuration status accounting records. This standard does not prescribe which of the data elements and related features to use, the status-accounting-record format to be used, or the frequency of status accounting-record reports. Such requirements are specified elsewhere by the procuring activity.

1.2 If data elements, supplemental to those in this standard, are required by the government or a contractor for configuration management, it will be necessary to submit these data elements and related features to the custodian of this standard for tentative approval prior to use.

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