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MIL-STD-498 DIDs [as PDFs]

Keywords Data Item Description (DID) military standard software standard
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Documents with attachments
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DI-IPSC-81427 - Software Development Plan (SDP) [as PDF] DI-IPSC-81427 1994-12-05 56.22 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-IPSC-81428 - Software Installation Plan (SIP) [as PDF] DI-IPSC-81428 1994-12-05 30.53 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-IPSC-81429 - Software Transition Plan (STrP) [as PDF] DI-IPSC-81429 1994-12-05 28.68 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-IPSC-81430 - Operational Concept Description (OCD) [as PDF] DI-IPSC-81430 1994-12-05 34.11 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-IPSC-81431 - System/Subsystem Specification (SSS) [as PDF] DI-IPSC-81431 1994-12-05 54.96 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-IPSC-81432 - System/Subsystem Design Description (SSDD) [as PDF] DI-IPSC-81432 1994-12-05 39.91 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-IPSC-81433 - Software Requirements Specification (SRS) [as PDF] DI-IPSC-81433 1994-12-05 62.95 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-IPSC-81434 - Interface Requirements Specification (IRS) [as PDF] DI-IPSC-81434 1994-12-05 35.9 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-IPSC-81435 - Software Design Description (SDD) [as PDF] DI-IPSC-81435 1994-12-05 49.84 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-IPSC-81436 - Interface Design Description (IDD) [as PDF] DI-IPSC-81436 1994-12-05 30.49 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-IPSC-81437 - Database Design Description (DBDD) [as PDF] DI-IPSC-81437 1994-12-05 38.06 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-IPSC-81438 - Software Test Plan (STP) [as PDF] DI-IPSC-81438 1994-12-05 39.47 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-IPSC-81439 - Software Test Description (STD) [as PDF] DI-IPSC-81439 1994-12-05 37.24 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-IPSC-81440 - Software Test Report (STR) [as PDF] DI-IPSC-81440 1994-12-05 26.5 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-IPSC-81441 - Software Product Specification (SPS) [as PDF] DI-IPSC-81441 1994-12-05 32.26 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-IPSC-81442 - Software Version Description (SVD) [as PDF] DI-IPSC-81442 1994-12-05 21.98 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-IPSC-81443 - Software User Manual (SUM) [as PDF] DI-IPSC-81443 1994-12-05 34.14 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-IPSC-81444 - Software Center Operator Manual (SCOM) [as PDF] DI-IPSC-81444 1994-12-05 31.21 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-IPSC-81445 - Software Input/Output Manual (SIOM) [as PDF] DI-IPSC-81445 1994-12-05 57.95 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-IPSC-81446 - Computer Operation Manual (COM) [as PDF] DI-IPSC-81446 1994-12-05 23.5 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-IPSC-81447 - Computer Programming Manual (CPM) [as PDF] DI-IPSC-81447 1994-12-05 20.94 KB   DOWNLOAD!
DI-IPSC-81448 - Firmware Support Manual (FSM) [as PDF] DI-IPSC-81448 1994-12-05 22.5 KB   DOWNLOAD!
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