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The 10 Management Actions for Software Control: The Value-Focused Approach to Management

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This document is included with the generous permission of Mr Thomas Gilb. September 5, 2001.
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1. Make Numeric Release Exits for all specifications

2. Make the top 10 critical factors the major control and report for all projects

3. Reward people based on real value delivered

4. Make projects Evolutionary: early frequent value delivery: no excuses

5. Start top and work down: top management, contracting, product specification, marketing, requirements

6. Quantify and track all critical value notions.

7. Prioritize value for cost at all levels of decision making

8. Take a systems engineering approach to software

9. Identify all critical and profitable stakeholders and their needs.

10. Use these methods on your own work, and expect others to do the same.

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