Systems of Systems Test and Evaluation Challenges

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SoS capability objectives are often stated at a high level, particularly when an SoS is initially recognized. The objectives establish the capability context for the SoS, which grounds assessment of the current SoS performance. In many cases, SoS do not have „requirements‟ per se; they have capability objectives or goals that provide the starting point for specific requirements which drive changes to the constituent systems in increments of SoS evolution.

For example, the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS), capability objective is to defend against all ranges of enemy ballistic missiles in all phases of flight. [6] This defines the top level mission objectives and provides the foundation for identifying systems to support BMDS, for developing the BMDS architecture, and for recommending changes or additions to systems to enable the capabilities.
Similarly, the overall capability objective of the Enterprise Distributed Common Ground Station is to achieve Joint and Coalition intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) mission interoperability through a multi-intelligence, multi-source collaboration strategy and by integrating ISR assets and information into command and control structures with linkages to national intelligence capabilities. [7] This includes the ability of a Joint Commander to flexibly tailor and employ ISR capabilities from any or all sources to support military operations.

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