System Engineering Artifacts for SoS

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SoS Performance Measures and Methods provide the
basis for assessing overall performance of the SoS and
planning for ‘continuous SoS improvement’. These
performance measures and methods are traceable to the
capability objectives established for the SoS. They are created
by SoS and system SE teams and the test and evaluation (T&E)
community to assess status and progress in meeting SoS
capability objectives and are used to structure events to
generate the data needed.

SoS Performance Data, along with data on unanticipated
factors observed during performance analysis, are gathered
from different environments by SoS SE and T&E teams and
operators to assess progress toward achieving SoS capability
objectives. These data are used by SoS management and SE
teams to assess impact of changes and to identify areas needing
more attention (new gaps/requirements). The data also provide
feedback on architecture implementation variability; factors
impacting capability; and additional capability needs based on
operational user experience. The aggregate feedback serves as
a basis for addressing requirements and orchestrating SoS

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