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How would you like the BKCASE project to develop?
The BKCASE project needs to keep the momentum going by retaining and growing sponsorship and funding and by expanding the current vision beyond the systems engineering community to the application of systems engineering concepts and principles, primarily in the form of systems thinking, to the sustainment of our planet. This broader vision will enable those who are passionate about the importance of systems concepts and principles to our future, to join the team through a shared vision, embracing members from other systems communities and beyond, who are already striving to address systems education at all levels, applying systems thinking to global issues, and bridging many other gaps that exist in building a sustainable future. Attaining this shared vision requires a roadmap that includes, and goes beyond, current plans of incorporating domain specific philosophies into the guide to the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge and graduate curriculum. This also requires a focus on collaborating with leadership of other communities and movements to bring systems education to all, not just engineers, and to all levels of education, especially at the middle school level where habits of thinking are often established for one’s lifetime.

Why did you chose to become an editor?
I chose to be part of the core BKCASE team from its very inception because I saw the possibilities of this project and believed that this project could serve as the first major stepping stone for the systems engineering community to achieve the next level of contribution to making a difference in the world. However, after the initial portion of the BKCASE project was completed (end of the three year period) and the designated professional societies took over the products and many of the members of the team disbanded; the BKCASE project had a ‘call’ for editors and I observed that not enough were answering the call, and so I did. I wanted to keep the momentum that we have achieved thus far.

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The BKCASE project reflects the coming together of many disparate efforts to define and document the systems engineering body of knowledge and to establish a graduate reference curriculum in systems engineering. Because of a substantial level of funding and sponsorships from academic institutions, industry, and government around the world, systems engineering experts/authors, many of whom had been working separately towards similar goals of the project, were able to join together and produce a foundational set of products for the systems engineering community.

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