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The CPR shall be required no less frequently than monthly. All formats shall be submitted to the procuring activity no later than 12 working days following the contractor’s accounting period cutoff date. This requirement may be tailored through contract negotiations to allow submission as late as 17 working days, provided that the contractor and Government agree that program complexity and integration of subcontractor and vendor performance data warrant additional time and will yield more accurate performance. Reports may reflect data either as of the end of the calendar month or as of the contractor's accounting period cutoff date, provided it is consistent with the IMS. Formats 2, 3, and 4 may be submitted on a less frequent basis in some cases. Refer to the Earned Value Management Implementation Guide (EVMIG) for guidance on tailoring reporting. (Note: Contractors may elect to attach subcontractor Format 5 reporting and cross reference this analysis in the Format 5 reporting submitted to the Government to gain time efficiencies and meet submission dates.)

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