“Functional Cost-Hour Report” (DD Form 1921-1)

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This Data Item Description (DID) summarizes the format for DD Form 1921-1 and provides preparation instructions to support the specific data and frequency requirements specified in the contract. DD Form 1921-1 is related to other CCDR forms, including DD Form 1921, “Cost Data Summary Report” (DI-FNCL-81565), DD Form 1921-2, “Progress Curve Report” (DI-FNCL-81567), and DD Form 1921-3, “Contractor Business Data Report” (DI-FNCL-81765). This DID is also related to the Contract Work Breakdown Structure (CWBS) DID (DI-MGMT-81334). All forms are available for inclusion on any contract that meets the criteria specified in DoD Instruction 5000.02 or under other conditions specified for a particular contractual effort.

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