“Progress Curve Report” (DD Form 1921-2)

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1. General Instructions.

a. These instructions apply to this DID and to other related CCDR DIDs that share common items and related instructions.

b. All reporting must be based on the OSD DDCA approved CSDR Plan.

c. Report on work performed by the prime contractor/associate contractor at direct cost (i.e., before indirect cost and costs such as Reporting Contractor General & Administrative, Undistributed Budget, Management Reserve, Facilities Capital Cost of Money, and Profit/Loss or Fee). Report on work performed by all subcontractors at price (i.e., including subcontractor Profit/Loss or Fee). Report all currency throughout this form in thousands of U.S. dollars, rounded to the nearest tenth. Report all hours in thousands, rounded to the nearest tenth. Enter “0” (zero) for items with null amounts; do not leave items blank.

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