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3.2 Table of Contents. This manual shall contain a Table of Contents listing the title and page number of paragraphs and subparagraphs. The Table of Contents shall list the title and page number of all figures, appendixes, in that order.

3.3 Scope. This section shall be divided into the following paragraphs.

3.3.1 Identification. This paragraph shall contain the approved identification numbers, titles, and if applicable, abbreviations of the system, components, dependent components, operating system, to which this SPG applies. This paragraph shall begin with the following sentence: “This Software Programmer’s Guide provides information to facilitate programming or modifying the software of the (insert title, if applicable insert abbreviation in parenthesis, insert system identification number) System”. It is applicable to the following components(s) (insert title(s), if applicable insert abbreviation(s) in parenthesis, insert Components identification number(s), for the target computer (insert title, computer identification number), if applicable insert abbreviation in parenthesis, insert host computer identification number).”

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