The Business Benefits of SE Cost / Benefit analysis

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> Proceed in small steps at first in ‘safe areas’. Then, with experience and success under your belt, expand the scope. > Use off-the-shelf SE processes (eg IEEE 1220, EIA 632, ISO 15288, CMMI) adapted to the projects you routinely do. > Get an expert to help you define your processes > Allow the processes to be tailored to each project’s needs. > SE is about the intelligent application of process. > Don’t create the impression that rigid processes can or should replace common sense. > Identify who needs to know about the SE processes. This will go beyond technical staff. > Put in place support for SE: guidelines, tools, training and coaching (for the SE processes, methods and tools). Don’t forget areas like Configuration Management, Change Control, and Risk. > Don't repeat mistakes routinely made on other projects. Institute ‘Learning From Experience’ (LFE) and feed back into SE processes.

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This leaflet is intended to help systems engineers asses how their organisation supports systems engineering, and to assist in communicating the benefits of appropriate systems engineering to their managers.

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