There Is More to Process Improvement Than Just CMM

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The iCMM rapidly became the predominant framework for capability maturity
model-based improvement in the FAA, with programs and organizations making
major strides in integrated process improvement. Yet there remained other
critical software-related processes as well as broad enterprise processes that were not included in iCMM v1.0. Furthermore, there were non-capability maturity model standards that were of interest to stakeholders such as ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems3 and Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria.

Since the concepts and approach of the iCMM were becoming institutionalized,
the following question emerged: Can other standards and models besides
capability maturity models be incorporated into the same framework? The FAA
rose to this challenge and the iCMM was revised and expanded to update software and systems engineering guidance to the latest standards, to expand iCMM scope to address the full software/systems life cycle, and to address enterprise management.A total of 10 standards and models4 were integrated into iCMM v2.0, which was released in 2001 [2].

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There are many models and standards that provide guidance for improving software, systems, and other organizational
processes. The scope of these standards and models is more extensive than the Capability Maturity Model ® for Software
(SW-CMM®), and CMM Integration SM. This article describes approaches taken at the Federal Aviation Administration
and at Lockheed Martin to assure process improvement meets comprehensive needs across these enterprises.

Joan Weszka
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